Monday, November 30, 2009

Don Quijote Spanish Restaurant & Udders

Lorong Kilat.. somewhere near our place which we never explored. Don Quijote Spanish Restaurant -- Our Nov FWA(Food & Wine Appreciation) Venue!


Spanish Food is not a common thing on my usual dining menu. Naturally, I was not sure what to expect and of course, what to order. Learnt a couple of new words though like tapas, Paella and sangrias.

Sangria is like wine mixed with syrup and cut fruits! yumz yumz! Its sweet and fruity!! I am not a wine connoisseur like the rest of them so i knew since I love it.. those wine lovers will prob will not like it that much. hehe! I prefer Sangria to red wine anytime!

We ordered quite a few tapas dishes. They were pretty different but werent much to my liking.

I love it seafood dishes! Fresh and perfectly done. Seafood palleas had an abundance of prawns, clams and mussels. I totally adore the clams.. sweet, fat and juicy!

Bread with garlic butter while waiting. Love the garlic butter!

My yummy Sangria! We ordered the red. They also have white and sparkling white.

A few of the tapas we ordered:

Spanish sausage which some said taste like chinese sausage! :|

Egg wrapped salmon. Taste like egg wrapped salmon.. :P

White cabbage wrapped glutinous rice and bacon bits.

Scallop meat ball?

Omelette with potato. BLAND!!!

BIG FAT CLAMMIE with white wine garlic!! YUM YUM YUM!!


Seafood palleas! Check out the big prawns! and clams! The rice has been infused with the seafood flavours!


Scallop with bacon bits!! Its a different kind of scallop we usually have! Check out its pretty shell! Imagine this.. big fat succulent scallop oiled with a little bacon oil and topped with cripsy bacon bits.

Squid Ink pasta.. the pasta was too thin to my liking that it makes it more like a bee hoon dish. On the other hand, if it was less dry and with a thicker pasta, i will prob love it.

After dinner, we headed to the new famous ice cream joint around.. udders! I have only tried udders at home so far. Kindly packed by my sis in law! I love it's Hazel's nut! I hated its strawberry and green tea ice cream though! It was then that i learn that they serves ice cream in 3 grades. Classic, Premium and Connoisseur.
Hazel's Nut falls on the Connoisseur range wherelese green tea and strawberry under the classic. No wonder the great difference in standard!

The place was really packed that night. Our large group could not get a seat so we ate our ice cream jus outside the shop.

Lychee Martini and Tiramisu. Shared with one of my friend. Lychee Martini was not fantastic. Daily Scoop is better. Tiramisu? THe liquer is strong! Smooth but kinda bitter!

The one I shared with my husband. Yes. I am greedy! We had Mao Shan Wang and my all time favourite Hazel's nut. Mao Shan Wang was durian smelly! But tasted kinda like any other normal good quality durian ice cream. Hazel's nut was good as ever! like nutella in the form of ice cream! Rich, Smooth, Hazelnutty chocolatey!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Morton's Bar - The perfect burger!!

For those that can afford to end work early should head down to Morton's Bar @ Mandarin Oriental for $10 martinis and free fillet mignion sandwiches! Its ultimate indulgence between 6-7pm (might start earlier)!

For others like me, who cannot make it for such timings.. can only indulge at a price of $25 (from 8-11pm)! The morton's prime burger! $25 too pricey for a burger? Not for morton's burger it is not. With $25, you can a really thick and juicy beef patty which u can request for degree of doneness topped with your choice of cheese (blue, swiss, cheddar, and something else which i forgot) and mushrooms and bacon! Very generous toppings. The fries at the side is cripsy and tasty that you cant stop eating it! And if you are not a big eater like me, you can share it between 1-2 gal friends! I attemped to finsih the burger by myself one.. I felt really sick after that! Definitely not the way as it spoilt my lovely experience with the burger.

The first time I had this burger was with 2 of my gal friends...we shared the burger among the 3 of us and then ordered the "Jumbo Lump Crab, Spinach & Artichoke Dip
Served with Toasted French Bread Croutons".. its actually this baked crabmeat and dip which we will complement it with the bread croutons provided. Pretty creamy which makes us abit "sick" after a while. 2 items for 3 gals was jus nice. We were not in the mood for drinks so we had the mocktails (ard $10) which was yummy too.


My yummy mocktail!!



showing their food! Look how juicy and thick the beef patty is!!

After sinful and expensive meal.. i was craving for something sweet to end the night. Most of the places in our surrounding were closed... so we head down to the haagen daaz near our place for some ice cream..



It was a great night of food and catching up. Adore my greedy gal frns..

Hansang Korean restaurant @ Square 2

Went to Hansang Korean restaurant to celebrate my sis' bdae back in August. My mum was in the mood for korean food so we decided to try out the korean restaurant which we always passed by at square 2.


humble starters.. din like the beans.

Korean pancake was never my thing.. so this one did nothing for me also. :)

Side dishes..

The brinjal side dish which everyone loved.. dun love brinjal.. so din try..

We ordered a few items for korean BBQ.

Fatty Pork Belly!

Mushrooms & Pork Belly!!

Love the fragrant the mushrooms gave!

Beef! (Cant rem what marinate)


Another Beef.. cant rem either

BBQ meat cant go wrong as long as the meat is fresh and the meat is well-marinated. However, its more of if the price is reasonable that makes the meal worth it. As mentioned before, buying good quality fresh meat and lightly marinate with pepper and salt over the pan makes a beautiful meal too~ A friend taught me that. Totally enjoyed the meal i had over her stove except the heat in her kitchen was unbearable!!

Korean kimchi hot pot!! Love this to bits!!! Wanted to try something like this ever since i read a gal's blog where she raved about the hotpot she has at "Your Woul"(haven got a chance to try). This hot pot (not sure if is similar) is yummy too!! Got ramen.. got rice cake.. kimchi.. toufu and hotdog!!! MMm!! Love the rice cake!

Ordered a saba fish rice set for my daddy who is not a fan of korean food. My mama loves the saba fish! Sweet meat!

Wat they love most was the sweet potato rice! Very fragrant! Soft and fluffy!!

Nothing like a cup of tea to wash down the oil..

The cake from choc-a-bloc which I got for my sister! Looks a bit smashed because of my daddy!

The cake was very moist but it din get my thumbs up. Somehow I still prefer awfully choc although it has disappointed me during the last few times.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Dim Sum @ Peach Blossom

Another dim sum session. This time to Peach Blossom @ Thomson Plaza. One of my colleague mentioned this place to me for pretty good dim sum.

The place was super crowded when we arrived there at 12pm. Thank goodness I made reservations earlier.

The dim sums were pretty decent. Fresh ingredients. Price-wise normal for restaurents.




红油抄手 - one of my most faved food but not that good here. Think the best place to serve this is still crystal jade!!

carrot cake. soft..and relatively tasty. My favourite carrot cake is still from Ah Yat!

char siew rice roll. so-so. The texture of the rice roll is not smooth and soft enough.

the worst item of the day! fried wantan! yucks! tough and not tasty fillings.

What i love most was the char siew bao and the egg tart! Soft fluffy bao with moist char siew filling. Love the flakey frangrant crust of the egg tarts! The kids love the tarts. Little Tian ate like 4 himself! haha!

She loves the egg tart!

"I love my egg tart! No one takes it from me!"

The last item of the day!! Nai Huang Bao!! Like finally!! Super runny!! But.. abit too watery for my liking.

Still in search of the perfect nai huang bao.. Recommendations anyone?!